August Favorites

As August comes to an end, I'd like to a compile a list of odd and various favorites. Enjoy! Beauty Products: 💋 Coconut Oil Coconut oil is wonderful to cook with and also is a great, natural alternative for so many beauty products. I've recently been using it as makeup remover, and it works so … Continue reading August Favorites


Singing jibberish, what’s new

Why do I procrastinate  Why do I over eat  Why do I continue to eat and drink junk food I know I shouldn't Why do I make excuses  These don't need question marks because I surely already know the answers somewhere within myself. lol what's her problem^ Anyways, new post coming soon with August favorites! … Continue reading Singing jibberish, what’s new

10 Money Saving (and Making) Tips

As a human being living on modern-day Earth I often times find that I need money to survive. I know, it's unfortunate. If you too are an Earthling (or Alien, I don't judge, times are rough everywhere) looking to save and even make a few extra bucks, then stick around for some of my favorite … Continue reading 10 Money Saving (and Making) Tips