Childhood Memories

Feeling particularly nostalgic today and wanted to record some sweet childhood memories for the feelings and joy that they encapsulated. I cannot wait to look back on these years from now just to get a fraction of those feelings again. Shout out to current me for taking some time to record these seemingly small, yet … Continue reading Childhood Memories

Snow Day, Productivity, and Post Scriptum

I'm currently wearing Halloween pajama pants and a Nirvana shirt, life is good. This my third blog in a row, however I'm thinking about holding off from posting it right away, because I want to have these posts somewhat logically spread out, but I also don't want my blog to seem unauthentic by basing posts … Continue reading Snow Day, Productivity, and Post Scriptum

My Favorite YouTubers

I wanted to write a blog post but haven't had much inspiration. All I've been wanting to do lately during my free time is watch YouTube, so I'm just going to make a post on my favorite YouTubers and YouTube series. I think I have a pretty diverse list of both bigger and smaller YouTubers … Continue reading My Favorite YouTubers

I’m back! Updates, coffee, Swedish music, and homework

I can't believe I didn't post on here all of September. Things have been a little hectic, I didn't abandon this blog entirely this past month though! I actually edited some older posts to clean them up and look nicer as well as had a blog sitting in the drafts. My success blog that I … Continue reading I’m back! Updates, coffee, Swedish music, and homework

10 Money Saving (and Making) Tips

As a human being living on modern-day Earth I often times find that I need money to survive. I know, it's unfortunate. If you too are an Earthling (or Alien, I don't judge, times are rough everywhere) looking to save and even make a few extra bucks, then stick around for some of my favorite … Continue reading 10 Money Saving (and Making) Tips