What even am I doing?

So, um, well I don’t even know how to start this thing like, what kind of style is this gonna have? Who are these posts directed to? Myself? Everyone? No one? Probably the latter. ANYWAYS I’ve been debating on starting a journal or blog or some sort of random writing and creative space for myself for a while now that I could look back on when I’m older. I originally thought a cute little journal would be great to scribble in, however I have terribly messy handwriting and I don’t want to lose it or for someone to sit and read it in front of me while I cringe intensely. I’ve really gotten into watching Youtubers over the past couple of years and I love video editing and the idea of starting my own channel and creating my own videos has crossed my mind many times. Unfortunately, I dislike myself and my voice on camera and prefer not to have hours of myself sitting and talking alone, all over the internet forever. I used to think blogs were for older women or people who were really talented with cooking and fashion and made money writing blogs. However I’ve learned that anyone can write about anything on the internet and so why shouldn’t I do this for myself at least?

So, here we are, and this is the beginning of this thing, whatever it is and however long it may go on for. I plan on using this as a sort of journal, memory holder, brain dumpster, and creative outlet. I’ve always loved writing, reading, and designing things such as websites and layouts, however, school has managed to suck the creativity, originality, and energy out of me, as it tends to do. Thus, I’ll hopefully be able to revive those lost parts of myself using this blogging website thingy. Wow, and we’re off to a great start.

Will I regret this?

Ugh, probably.


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