cozy vibes and asmr

I’m not crazy. Yes, I am currently listening to an Ikea asmr video, but I’m not crazy.

I’ve always found certain people’s voices, tones, and sounds to be very calming in an odd way, but it wasn’t until a few years ago when my friend introduced me to asmr videos on YouTube that I began to understand this phenomenon.

“We interrupt this irregularly scheduled blog to bring you an obligatory asmr definition”

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is the term used for an experience characterized by tingling sensations felt on the skin, typically on the scalp, neck, and upper spine. 

“Back to your irregularly scheduled blog”

I have been really stressed lately and listening to asmr is such a nice, relaxing treat. It helps me fall asleep, but that’s not saying much I guess, because I’m always exhausted. I’m also. So. Sleepy. And so cozy under my thick, warm blanket in my blue toned room on this frigid winter day.

Here are a couple of my favorite asmr videos for your relaxation.

Put on some headphones, get cozy, and enjoy.


This is the one I’m currently listening to while writing this and honestly, Ikea is killing it with this marketing. This is genuinely a really nice asmr video.


Short video of Dodie being lovely and giving reassuring reminders, if you need it. 🙂


The OG Queen of ASMR and one of the first asmr videos that I watched.


My favorite ASMR YouTuber is currently Gentle Whispering ASMR; I love her accent and her voice is very soothing. This video is wonderful for relaxing and falling asleep. 



I know this was very different from my usual blog posts but I figured someone out there might find some peace and relaxation from these videos. If not, oh well. I enjoyed re-listening to some of them and taking a calming break to write this blog.


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